Darren (Kentner) Von Britton has always enjoyed going against the grain, breaking tradition, and redefining what it means to be successful. Darren passionately believes that all people have the ability to create their own happiness, and that when they get out of their own head, utilize the power of vulnerability, and get to work, they achieve any and every goal their heart desires. 

A gifted public speaker, Darren has inspired countless audiences to never be afraid to just be themselves, and to stop overthinking things. His simplistic approach to creating solutions reminds the world that living happy, full lives is far simpler than they think. 

Darren enjoys contributing his ability to write and effectively communicate to several industries including real estate, marketing & advertising, self-help, and education.

An avid classical pianist, home cook, and lover of sketch comedy, Darren and his husband love finding joy in the little things, and are honored to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest home.