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"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." - Proverbs 25:11

Does that mean, like, "they look fabulous?"

Hi, my name is Darren Von Britton, and I'm inviting you to follow me on an unbelievable adventure about discovering who you truly are - even when you truly believe that person will be the death of you. Literally. 

What do a Christian upbringing, small-town childhood, and Millennial-related woes have in common? 




Birthed at the juxtaposition of self-righteousness and self-suicide, I was a Southern Preacher Man one day, and a full on homosexual at a gay bar the next. Suggests the makings of a good story, does it not?


Outlandish family members, insane religious rituals & traditions, and deep-rooted family trauma combine to create a story unlike any you've ever heard before. 

Of course, there are several gut-splitting laughs along the way because, well, what sort of story wouldn't include dark comedy and twisted humor? None that we would ever read, right?

The conclusion: A whole lotta love, laughter, and vulnerability went into the Darren everyone knows and loves today - but it took an entire Story to get there. 

But if I went through what I did so that one day my story could help someone going through the same thing? Well, that meant I went through it for a reason. 

And that makes me thankful for my story. 

The Story.