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Darren Von Britton

For Darren Von Britton, there is almost nothing more important than home. The place where  you grow your family, host your friends, retreat to when you’re weary, and celebrate all of life’s special moments. The canvas on which  your personality, creativity, and passions come to life. Your pride and joy. It also just so happens to be an invaluable asset we often refer to as our nest egg. 


Home is everything, and its unique meaning to each of us is both personal and ever-changing. Therefore, when it comes to finding, making, keeping, and transitioning, it’s essential to collaborate with someone who truly understands just how important your home is. 


For more than a decade, Darren has delighted in guiding his clients through the beautifully diverse experiences associated with home. An enthusiastic real estate nerd, his love for data, analytics and property law serve his clients well in the form of strong market knowledge, local expertise, and skilled contract negotiation. Coupled with his passion for design, obsession with home organization and livability, and joy for inspiring authentic connection, Darren adores any opportunity to share his love for home to all. 


With a strong belief that home is where the heart is, he greatly values his alignment with Sotheby’s International Realty and their foundational belief that luxury should always be measured by service, not price. 


A resident of the North Admiral Neighborhood in West Seattle, Darren and his husband take great pride in their 122-year old cottage that they lovingly restored both inside and out. A lover of piano, sketch comedy, great food & wine, and moments of togetherness, they love to share their home any chance they can and love teaching their clients to do the same.


Meet the team

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Joshua Von Britton



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Lauren Holden



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Cindy Fraioli





Sotheby’s International Realty

Luxury should always be measured by service, not price. Learn how Sotheby’s International Realty, an extension of the iconic auction house, has been celebrating this belief for clients of all backgrounds since 1744.


Community & Belonging

Humans are neurobiologically hardwired for connection. Some seek it more than others, but at the end of the day each of us is better, together. In addition to close relationships and tight knit groups, maintaining a sense of purpose and belonging amongst our neighbors and communities has been proven to inspire both psychological benefit and emotional wellbeing for all. 


With a unique ability to inspire and promote connection, Darren believes in contributing these gifts in service to his clients and their communities. Sometimes its via the introduction of two small business owners, and at others a referral to local specialists and artisans. No matter the situation, he always seeks to establish productive connections whenever possible. 


As such, significant emphasis is placed on building strong relationships amongst local shops and restaurants, specialty groups, and community leaders. Darren believes that loving where you live is a gift unlike any other, and loves to cultivate this simple life truth for each of his clients.

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