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Don't Overthink It

Dear Agent,

When you got into real estate, whether it was yesterday or thirty years ago, did anyone share with you exactly what you needed to do to get started, grow your business, and find success? Yeah, me too!

Just kidding.

It’s incredibly fascinating that a profession dealing with such large amounts of money, emotion, and especially liability should have such little training for those that join. Now, training could mean a lot of things including proper procedure, a series of how-to’s, and answers to frequently asked questions - at the least. We all know, however, that the fabulous world of real estate education isn’t exactly brimming with opportunities such as these. Therefore, we find ourselves figuring it out on our own.

I wish that I could provide all of the aforementioned information above for you - and all agents, but because real estate is practiced so differently depending on what part of the world you’re in, I wouldn’t actually even know where to begin. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share with you a very basic lesson I learned the hard way that you will hopefully find both refreshing and helpful.

To experience real estate success, you only need one of these: a buyer and / or a seller. That’s it. Simple, huh?

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to real estate and looking for your first client, or you’re an experienced agent who just so happens to be going through a slump and wondering why there’s a lag in your business. A closed transaction and money in your bank account, as well as all of the related experience and knowledge gained along the way, starts and ends with someone you know who’s looking to buy or sell. Period.

I bring this up because, in my experience, advice on what you need to do to start or jumpstart your business is absurdly complicated, and doesn’t make sense. You don’t need to try a different method of lead generation. You don’t need to copy whoever in the office that’s doing something that’s working for them. And, you especially don’t need to purchase leads. Get back to the basics: you need to find someone who’s looking to buy or sell. How you go about that is up to you, but I know this for sure: it’s exceedingly rare that they’re going to just come to you. You, therefore, have to go to them.

Make the calls. Compose the emails. Write the cards. Do the pop-by’s. Hold the open houses. Network with the business community. Ask, ask, ask. Whichever you choose, you have to go about it with your new, very simple goal in mind: I need to find someone who’s looking to buy or sell. Period.

Real estate can actually be, and is, much simpler than it’s been made out to be. Today’s message might be too simple for some, and it might also be exactly what others need to hear. Wherever you are on the spectrum is fine, just remember this: you have the opportunity to have as much business as you want, as long as you keep it simple and continue looking for people who want to buy and sell. Easy peasy.

Take care,

- Darren Von Britton

Do Today:

Getting back to basics can be refreshing and also super frustrating. Practice your skill for asking the question, “Do you need to buy or sell,” in whichever way works best for you. But make sure that you don’t skirt around actually asking that exactly to them. “Let me know if…” is not the same as “Do you know,” or, “Do you know someone who might…” Anything outside of this just doesn’t count. I'm sorry about that, but I don’t make up the rules. Ask, ask, ask, and I promise you’ll receive, receive, receive.

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