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Coaching & Consultation

Coaching for YOU.

That's right - for YOU, not anyone else. Introducing a different form of real estate coaching and consultation designed to capitalize on both your strengths and weaknesses (because let's be real - we all have them). 

Programs, systems, methods... they're great in theory, but what happens the first time you "fall off the wagon" and don't complete one of their critical steps or crucial actions? What happens when their "supposed to do" isn't the same as what you actually want to do? 

There's a better way, and it starts and ends with one thing: YOU.

From business development to retirement strategies and everything in-between, every challenge can be overcome with ease when we honor who we truly are, and stop trying to be someone we're not.

Specializing in: 

Real Estate Strategy
Business Development

Luxury Practices

Client Connection
How-To’s, Tips & Tricks
Systems & Structures
Marketing & Advertising 
Personal Development 
Brand Generation

If you're ready to take your real estate business to the next level while still remaining who you truly are (what we refer to as real estate excellence), then let's connect. 


Meet Your Coach

For more than a decade, Darren Von Britton has used creative thinking and decisive action to reimagine real estate success. With a strong belief that no one should be shoved into somebody else's box, Darren's clients enjoy intentional coaching specific to their unique needs and wants. 

Using his honed experience in both real estate and communication science, Darren takes the time to learn his client's unique personality, archetype, and communication style to create and deliver an exceptional coaching experience rooted in realism and results. 

The Process

While coaching with Darren may not include a step-by-step curriculum, there is a definitely a process to follow. Because each client is different, it may not always look exactly like this, but overall, here's what you can expect: 


Acquaint & Discover

To get started, we begin with a series of assessments and questionnaires to find out how Darren can deliver the most personalized, tailored coaching experience for you. These include deep dives into your personality, business archetype, and preferred communication style. 


Goals & Ambitions

Not everyone has the same goal for their real estate business. Even though it seems like every agent out there should want to sell 100 houses a year, this is absolutely not the case. Using honed experience and expertise, Darren guides his clients to the formation of genuine goals to work towards, developed solely based on what THEY want. These could range from gaining more business to forming an exit strategy, working with clients maintaining a higher socioeconomic status to forming a housing non-profit, and everything imaginable in-between. No matter the ambition, every goal can be reached as long as they're in true alignment with what you genuinely want. 


Plan Our Work

Once we've gotten to know each other, and established the goals we're going for, it's time to assemble a realistic plan to make it happen. Taking each client's realistic resources, skills, and abilities into consideration, a shared action plan is created and regularly referenced in order to stay on track and monitor progress.


Work Our Plan

Now the fun begins - bringing our plan to life! Interestingly, succeeding in real estate requires much less than one might think. The secret lies in maintaining consistent, simple practices, and remembering why and what you're working towards. This magic occurs by way of regularly scheduled, bi-weekly, hour-long sessions so that we stay on track and progress towards achieving our set goals. 


Achieve & Celebrate

As we progress, every win will be celebrated, and every loss will be transformed into a lesson. Regardless of how solid our action plan might be, life tends to happen, often throwing unexpected curveballs our way. Fortunately, armed with a litany of tools and techniques, Darren helps his clients overcome these challenges using holistic methodologies 


To learn more, register below for your complimentary intro session.

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